New Year, New Goals

Posted 1/6/2015

As we have now entered 2015, our church will face new challenges as all churches will. The question is, how will we face them? I entitled this post, New Year, New Goals; however, most of our goals will remain the same. We will actively seek to win the lost, to minister to the sick and needy, as well as to grow spiritually. In the past year we have used a few events to help with outreach. Family Fun Day, Farm Bash, God's Not Dead, and the Chili Cook-off, we some of those. Each of those were successful and brought people here where we were able to share the love of Christ with them. Our partnership with Rutherford College Elementary (RCES), has allowed us to spread God's love beyond the walls of our campus.

We have been able to meet the needs of several families through our benevolence, fruit baskets, and in supplying Thanksgiving meals. The recipients were, for the most part, not members of our congregation. Even in our RCES partnership, we have been able to supply food, education, water, and even livestock to people around the world.

To help meet our need for spiritual growth, we have had men and women Bible Studies in Nehemiah, Jonah, James, and others. These were offered in addition to our regular Sunday services that include: music, sermon, and fellowship.

Here in 2015 our goal is to go beyond what we did last year. This is quite a challenge and will take dedication and prayer. Scripture tells us that we should do everything as unto the Lord. It also tells us that true Christians are known by their LOVE and their FRUIT. So let us serve in His love that we may be fruitful in His name.

Thank you all for a great 2014,

Rev. Dan Morton

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Christmas Cantata

Posted 1/6/2015

On the evening of December 21, 2014 the chior beautifully preformed the cantata, "Tell Me The Story of Jesus". The hard work that had been put into it was evident. A vidoe of the section the kids preformed in, "Silent Night" is posted on our Facebook page. A special thank you to Wanda Berry for her leadership in that and to each member of our choir.

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News Center

Posted 12/6/2014

It has been an exciting year. We have enjoyed many opportunities to serve our neighborhood. Our festival early in the year where we had approximately 160 people in attendance got us going. The God’s NOT Dead movie brought in a few and touched our hearts. Even the Chili Cook-off drew in a few visitors. God also gave us another chance to touch our community through the Farm Bash. We have initiated a community partnership through Rutherford College Elementary. Inside our congregation God continues to work through our regular services and Bible Studies. As 2014 winds down, I am now anticipating what God will do here in these final few week and then on into 2015.

May God Bless each of you,

Rev. Dan Morton


Welcome to our website!

Posted 10/10/2011

The FIRST BAPT RUTHERFORD COLLEGE website is up and running! Visit our site to learn about our fellowship, the latest news, and upcoming events.

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